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Art and Culture Checkpoint

Art and Culture Checkpoint - of Renaissance which was...

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Art and Culture Checkpoint In arts and culture they key is to highlight different artistic qualities of numerous works, which are always in view of the cultural worlds in how they were created. Works of art from different cultures reveal common human experiences including things like birth and death. Some types of art include visual art, music at, dancing art, and singing art. Each type of art is different in their own way but they are also very similar. All types of art express a feeling. It’s important to know the difference between culture and art because both can be easily mixed up with one another. Interdisciplinary connections appear in the way the music and architecture
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Unformatted text preview: of Renaissance, which was influenced by mathematical proportion, and ancient notions of harmony. Cross culture basically reflect the ways artistic ideals and other historical events influence the art of other cultures. Form can refer to both broad and specific types of literature. For example, form could refer to whether or not you are writing a novel, poetry, play, etc. It can also refer to things within these categories. Content is simply what is actually written. At times, form can dictate content. The sonnet form, for example, usually contains idealized romance or a deep non-romantic affection....
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