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Checkpoint Religion in the Classroom

Checkpoint Religion in the Classroom - not only in their...

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Checkpoint Religion in the Classroom As a future teacher and as well as a current teacher we are all faced with issues and controversies in the classroom. One major issue today is religion. Not every student is the same religion is you and as a teacher we must understand that not everyone believes in Jesus, Christmas, Honokaa, or Easter. When I become a teacher I will try to imply to my students that it is okay to be different. It is not a crime to believe in something everyone else believes in. I will plan to make activities for my class addressing other lifestyles and not religion because it can be a very opinionative matter and it can get complicated and confusing for a young group of children. It is my duty to educate my students
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Unformatted text preview: not only in their academic studies but also in cultural differences. I believe that this is important because they need to understand that each individual is different and come from different backgrounds and up-bringings. Academic Freedom is important to have because nobody is their to offend, we are here to teach and educate the next generation into being the best that they can be in life. I will plan to have a moment of silence before class begins if this is appropriate for the school district I decide to teach in. I think this will be beneficial to all the students because you never know what obstacle they have going in their lives at that time, and it gives them a chance to communicate to whomever they believe in....
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