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checkpoint - understand the concepts or not If students are...

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Checkpoint 1. The ability to make decisions swiftly and effectively. Teachers make more decisions daily than any other profession. Decisions that teachers make affect not only themselves, but also the students. 2. Content knowledge. Teachers must know what they're teaching in order to pass the information on to students. 3. Assessment-Teachers must know if the students "get" what has been taught. Teachers can teach a concept all day long, but if a student hasn't mastered the concept, then the teacher hasn't "taught" the material effectively. That's why teachers have to assess their student’s often in order to determine whether they
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Unformatted text preview: understand the concepts or not. If students are not demonstrating understanding, then the teachers may need to employ an alternative teaching strategy. I think it is important to incorporate these strategies in order to have a successful career in education. You need to be able to make decisions when you’re put on the spot. Teachers must also know everything inside and out of what they are teaching to their students. Last but not least, teachers need to “get” what has been taught in order to pass on the information to the students....
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