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Managing a Teaching Schedule Checpoint I would love to teach 2 nd grade. Here is an idea of what my morning block of student’s schedule looks like. 8:20-8:30 attendance (students are reading) 8:30-9:15 Reading class 9:15-9:35 snack break and recess 9:35-10:20 math 10:20-10:50 language 10:50-11:30 student activities/ clean up at 11:20 11:30-12:00 spelling 12:00- dismissal Here are some tips that I looked up on the internet to help me with a better time managing schedule for 2 nd grade classrooms. Tip #1- Set the rules and post them in the room as reminders. Stickers and candy are great rewards for good papers and great behavior. Tip #2- Students like to see their work up in the room. I use wallpaper to line the bulletin board and put up trim. I use a small colorful sticker with the child's name on it leaving space for a worksheet. Then the student can pick what paper he/she would like to "show off". It doesn't have to be a perfect paper. Tip #3- Have story time daily. If one story gets the children very excited, follow
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Unformatted text preview: that one with a quiet story that settles them back down. I think these tips will help me as an educator because each tip has helpful techniques that I can use with my students so they can learn everything they need to learn. This is my first time to be teaching an elementary class and I want it to be 100% successful. On tip #1 I think by posting the rules ahead of time and knowing how I am going to discipline will be a huge stress reliever because I won’t have to worry about my students not respecting me as an educator. On tip #2 I want by students to feel proud of what they learned so they feel confident to learn more fun and exciting things in the future. On tip #3 I want my students to explore with reading. I remember as a child I didn’t get into reading until middle school because I was never introduced at an early age....
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