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PSYC305 Assignment 6

PSYC305 Assignment 6 - practitioners I am driven by my...

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Arthur L. Stone PSYC305 Assignment #6 Communication Quadrant After completing the communication quadrant, I was elated to find that I fall almost at the x-y intersection of all four quadrants. For my current occupation, this small test helps me to realize that I am utilizing a thought and decision-making process that borrows from all four quadrants. At all times, I am so careful with making the correct assessment of situations and then implementing the most effective solution or measure to counter the currently identified negative effects of what is at hand. As an intelligence analyst, I have to practice the “big thinker” and “analyzer” aspects in order to take facts and empirical research into account. Then, when it is time to make a decision, I use the aspects of the “relater” and “driver” quadrants because they allow me to lend from my personal experience and internal motivations. The field of intelligence (passive and active) is an area that requires versatility of its
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Unformatted text preview: practitioners. I am driven by my emotions, at times, but I have learned how to place my emotions in the position of being the car while my intelligence is in the driver seat, seeing everything (facts and research) around me, and then making a fully thought out decision. It is a stressful position to be in sometimes – controlling my emotions and placing the facts in front. In the process of improving my skills of analysis, I am still learning newer and better ways of evaluating situations and circumstances. I believe that emotional intelligence is a very important factor in my pursuit for establishing an even playing ground that borrows from my own personal experiences as well as the evidence I use to relate occurrences. Inevitably, my emotional drive for success will always remain my apparatus for the completion of my personal goals....
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