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PSYC305 Assignment 5 - A r thur L Stone PSYC305...

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Arthur L. Stone PSYC305 Assignment #5 Operation Groupthink 1. A. Problem: In the case of the Air Force sorting and vetting mail, the first indication of a Groupthink was the fact that the process was supposed to become more efficient, yet it did not. Everyone, for a year, knew that the process was flawed, but not one person said anything. Instead, the process adjusted its cycle from eight steps to 19 steps, more than doubling the intermediate stops from the mail’s arrival to the recipient. a. Solution: The devil’s advocate definitely would have provided aid to this matter, perhaps not initially, but definitely after a smaller period of time than one year. B. Problem: In the case of Miss Turezyn, she did attempt to fill the role of devil’s advocate to no avail. The younger executives did not agree with her, and all of them were frightened by the possibility of losing customers if they began to charge for the service they provided. a. Solution: Having an unbiased leader to see every point-of-view in an objective manner would have possibly saved the company from filing for bankruptcy, and Miss Turezyn from losing her investment.
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PSYC305 Assignment 5 - A r thur L Stone PSYC305...

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