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Arthur L. Stone PSYC305 Assignment #4 Americans Live to Work 1. I am not too much surprised to find that the United States averages more hours worked within a given period of time than do European countries. In the U.S., working more hours what many people see as a key to obtaining a particular social status. The “American Dream” includes advancement and social mobility based on hard work, in the U.S. In contrast, leisure seems to be more of a building-block to obtaining happiness. 2. I think that U.S. employees are led by the demands of internal/external worth, physiological needs, and social status. Also, the “American Dream” is a very fragile state to attain. To the common American employee, it entails arriving to work early and leaving late, adding to or creating an idea that causes change, setting goals and accomplishing them, and springing up in social status to be recognized as an achiever among peers. Many Americans have this dream – to work toward a better life than the one experienced, now. At the same time, there are two ends to
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