PSYC305 Assignment 3

PSYC305 Assignment 3 - relationships, and work hard in...

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Arthur L. Stone PSYC305 Assignment #3 Job Satisfaction According to the job satisfaction inventory, I value job and financial security with a tally of 11, followed by prestige with a tally of nine, convenience with a tally of eight, and environment with a tally of nine. After comparing my final job satisfaction assessment with the top companies to work for, I was best able to identify with Boston Consulting Group because my studies fall within the scope of the company: management consultation. The company has increased minority recruitment (adding to a 26% minority employee-population), salaried pay for a consultant averages approximately $141K, 100% health-care coverage, and telecommuting is available. These incentives are a great motivation for me, once hired, to hit the ground running, immediately pick the brains of company veterans, establish multi-directional professional
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Unformatted text preview: relationships, and work hard in order to be considered for promotion, when the opportunity presents itself. Boston Consulting Group definitely falls within my parameters of a good company to work for. In addition to the benefits offered by Boston Consulting Group, I think that a mentor program is a great incentive that will not only indoctrinate a new employee into the culture of Boston Consulting Group, but will also instill a sense of belonging in all employees which will, in turn, enable a cohesive professional environment that is filled with new and effective ideas. The business of management consultation is constantly evolving with the changing requirements of successfully operating companies. There is always a need for new ideas that increase efficiency, and mentoring is a common method of mixing the old with the new....
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PSYC305 Assignment 3 - relationships, and work hard in...

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