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PSYC305 Assignment 2 - specific area of the data This is...

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Arthur L. Stone PSYC 305 Assignment – Week 2 Types of Power After watching the Types of Power tutorial videos, I found that in most cases of my occupation, I utilize legitimate and expert power to accomplish most day-to-day objectives. The use of legitimate power is automatically granted to me in accordance with my rank (E- 5), and the use of expert power is more reliable when giving detailed orders to lower- ranking sailors or briefing higher-ranking officers fully and with confidence. Specifically, my job entails that I supervise the gathering and building of information used in military intelligence reports. As the supervisor, I automatically have legitimate power, but I rely on my use of expert power to guide the work of my team – a data analyst team of sailors and soldiers, ranking E-3 to E-4. Initially, I provide the team with the objective of a mission – using legitimate power – setting their aim of analysis to a
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Unformatted text preview: specific area of the data. This is accomplished by fully briefing them on the importance of specific information that pertains to the objective. Next, I monitor the gathering and building of the information, occasionally asking members of the team to relate the data to the concisely relate their data to the mission. It is at this point, in the process, that I am able to use a bit of reward power with my team, complimenting their progress and encouraging their continued hard work. Some of them are receptive to it, and some do not require it. A type of power that I would like to improve my use of is coercive power. At times, a junior-ranking service member will work outside the parameters of their training, or direction. It is at this point that I must use coercive power to reprimand and correct the junior service member. There are many ways for the accomplishment of such....
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