BSOP209 Assignment 5 - Stone

BSOP209 Assignment 5 - Stone - A r thur L. Stone...

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Arthur L. Stone (D03098821) BSOP 209 Written Assignment – Week 5 The Concepts of Linear Programming Operations managers are faced with decisions that require tact, efficiency, and optimal utilization of resources to accomplish one of two things discussed in Module B – maximization of profit and minimization of costs. To accomplish one, or both, of these activities, an operations manager has the option of using linear programming to provide graphical representations of the optimal variety of variables – governed by prescribed constraints – used to precisely “maximize profit” or “minimize costs”. Some examples of problems that have successfully applied linear programming are: 1. Scheduling school buses to minimize the total distance traveled when carrying students. 2. Allocating police patrol units to high crime areas to minimize response time to 911 calls. 3. Scheduling tellers at banks so that needs are met during each hour of the day while minimizing the total cost of labor. 4.
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BSOP209 Assignment 5 - Stone - A r thur L. Stone...

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