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Welcome to your BSOP 209 Final Exam! This exam is open book and open note, and it covers all of the concepts presented in this course. You will want to have your homework solutions, lectures, and textbook nearby. Your final exam is TWO PAGES and consists of the following: 1. Page 1 of your exam has 24 Multiple Choice (MC) questions. Each question is worth 5 points for a total of 120 possible points. This is 40% of your total exam points. 2. Page 2 of your exam has 6 Essay (EQ) or Problem questions. This question is wo 30 points for a total 180 points. This is 60% of your total exam points. Multiple Choice Questions The first page consists of multiple choice questions that are similar to the quizzes and are fact based questions that taken from all reading. The best way to study for these questions is to review the reading, lectures, and quizzes.
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Unformatted text preview: Essay/Problem Questions There are 6 essay/problems questions that will test you understanding of the objectives and key concepts. The final exam problems are pooled and you may have a problem on any of the following areas: Forecasting Linear Regression Break Even Decision Making Expected Monetary Value Linear Programming Project Management. Since the final exam questions are pooled and randomized (i.e., not every student sees the same exam) you may not see questions on each of these topics. However, it is a possibility that you will see a question addressing these concepts. I would suggest you review the previous quizzes, homework assignments, end of chapter problems and practice problems posted in Doc Sharing. Also be familiar with the end of chapter questions posted for discussion....
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