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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 DonorID,Name,Address,City,State,Zip Code,Phone,ItemDonated,ItemValue,Category,NumberAttending 1,Shelly Martin,123 North Street,Pittsburgh,PA,15697,(412) 555-1000,Massage,$50,Other,2 2,Kelly Kripton,456 North Street,Pittsburgh,PA,15697,(412) 555-1001,Football Tickets,$75,Product,2 3,Kim Jansen,678 North Street,Pittsburgh,PA,15697,(412) 555-1002,Golf Clubs,$200,Product,4 4,Donna Reed,901 North Street,Pittsburgh,PA,15697,(412) 555-1003,Hotel Accomodations,$100,Gift Certificate,5 5,Huong Pham,P.O. Box ABC,Pittsburgh,PA,15697,(412) 555-1004,Restaurant Gift Certificate,$60,Gift Certificate,1 6,George Martin,555 Kaminini Street,Pittsurgh,PA,15697,(412) 555-1005,Car Wash Card,$50,Other,1 7,Marion McMahon,2216 Catharine Street,Pittsburgh,PA,15697,(412) 555-1006,Automotive Gift Certificate,$50,Gift Certificate 8,Catherine McQuaide,31 Oakmont Circle,Pittsburgh,PA,15697,(412) 555-1007,10 pounds of Fresh Fish,$100,Product,2 9,Christopher Martinez,15709 Holly Grove Rd.,Pittsburgh,PA,15697,(412) 555-1008,Lei-Making Class,$25,Other,29,Christopher Martinez,15709 Holly Grove Rd....
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  • Spring '10
  • Frankenstein
  • Cardinal direction, Gift Certificate, Seton Hall University, North Street,Pittsburgh,PA,15697, Kripton,456 North Street,Pittsburgh,PA,15697, McMahon,2216 Catharine Street,Pittsburgh,PA,15697

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