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Your Name Goes Here Sales Data 08/10/2010 The Spa Experts 123 Jackson Street  *  Anytown, ST 12345  *  (800) 555-5555 Monthly Transactions Date Salesperson Manufacturer Purchase/ Finance 1/1/2009 Ken Westland The Original Hot Tub Finance 1/6/2009 Ken Westland Port-a-Spa Finance 1/9/2009 Ken Westland Port-a-Spa Finance 1/9/2009 Ken Westland The Original Hot Tub Purchase 1/13/2009 Ken Westland The Original Hot Tub Finance 1/14/2009 Ken Westland Serenity Spas Purchase 1/19/2009 Ken Westland Port-a-Spa Purchase 1/21/2009 Ken Westland The Original Hot Tub Finance Ken Westland Total 1/1/2009 Sherry McNeil The Original Hot Tub Finance 1/3/2009 Sherry McNeil The Original Hot Tub Purchase 1/4/2009 Sherry McNeil Serenity Spas Purchase 1/9/2009 Sherry McNeil Port-a-Spa Finance 1/11/2009 Sherry McNeil The Original Hot Tub Finance 1/18/2009 Sherry McNeil Port-a-Spa Purchase 1/19/2009 Sherry McNeil Port-a-Spa Purchase 1/22/2009 Sherry McNeil Serenity Spas
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This note was uploaded on 08/10/2010 for the course MGMT 400 taught by Professor Frankenstein during the Spring '10 term at DeVry Chicago O'Hare.

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chap10_ho1_styles_solution - Date

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