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ECE 4370 – Fiber and Integrated Optics Homework Assignment #7 Due: Monday, April 19th, 2010 at 5:00pm 1. Bent Wave Guide Consider the waveguide shown with a=3 m, n core = 1.5, n clad =1.498, and R=5mm at =1.33 m. Plot n(r) and and n’(r) on the same graph for = 0, 45, and 90 o . Are these results expected? If the waveguide in carries 2 modes with 1 =70848.8 cm -1 and 2 =70834.7 cm -1 , do you expect significant loss for either or both of these modes? Why? In practice, wrapping fiber around a small mandrel the size of one’s finger is a way to strip higher order modes in a lab-based application. 2. Using the attached example and suggested reading, construct a BPM simulation of a coupler. Use the same indices and core dimensions as in the attached example. Print your code and plot Nave-index profile, aperture profile, starting beam profile, and the beam profile once significant coupling to the second waveguide (not just noise) has occurred. State the approximate propagation distance
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ECE 4370_HW7 - ECE4370FiberandIntegratedOptics...

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