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Read this entire document before starting the laboratory session. The laboratory reports should be clear, concise and written in good English. Answer all of the questions asked throughout the experiment and at the end. Feel free to contact Howard with any questions you may have. The laboratory sessions are not difficult. The demonstrations performed in the lab on April 12 in conjunction with the instructions herein contained should be more than sufficient for each team to complete the experiments without any difficulty. Every team member should learn and put to practice all of the techniques. NEVER STARE AT THE LASER BEAM!!! Even at low power, laser light can still be dangerous. Some of the equipment in the laboratory is very expensive and sensitive. Please be careful, and do not lean on these devices nor put anything unnecessary on them. There is a webcam attached to the data acquisition computer. The webcam is used to take snapshots at different stages of the experiment, which will be included in the report. You may want to bring a flash drive with you to save the webcam pictures. ECE 437 Fiber and Integrated Optics: Lab 4 Fiber Bending Loss 12 April, 2010 Report Due Date: 26 April 2010
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Background By now, you are most familiar with the idea of propagation of light and modes in a fiber. The solutions to Maxwell's equation for the case of a step-index fiber give equations for the longitudinal, azimuthal and radial field inside the core and the cladding. All of these solutions are dependent, in particular, on integer numbers noted by ν = 0,1,2,… Depending on the wavelength under consideration, the materials that form the fiber and the radius of the core of the fiber, one or many values for ν are allowed. In this lab we will be exciting a length of SMF-28 fiber with 1550nm radiation. This will
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ECE_437_Lab4_2 - ECE 437 Fiber and Integrated Optics: Lab 4...

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