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ECE 437 – Fiber and Integrated Optics Homework Assignment #1; Due 11 th February, Thursday 5PM 1. Frequency Invariance during reflection and refraction It is a common observation that for most materials the frequency of the monochromic light (hence the color of the light) does not change as light passes through or reflects from surfaces of linear media (constant dielectric coefficient). This property is characteristic of media with linear polarization (constant dielectric coefficient). Assuming that incident beam is polarized in the plane of incidence (TM polarization), prove that for linear media the frequencies of incident, reflected, refracted beams are the same. Hint: Apply any of the boundary conditions at the interface 2. Reflection and Refraction at dielectric interface Using the boundary conditions for electromagnetic fields at boundary, derive the amplitude reflection and transmission coefficients for an electromagnetic wave that is polarized with the electric field parallel
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