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ECE_4370_HW5 - f = 1.5 n s = 1.47 l = 1.0 µ m determine...

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ECE 4370 – Fiber and Integrated Optics Homework Assignment #5 Due: Thursday, March 11th, 2010 at 5:00pm 1. A planar waveguide is made with n f = 1.48, n s = 1.46 and n c = 1.44. The thickness of the guiding film is 10 µ m. What is the longest wavelength that can be carried in a TE mode in this waveguide? 2. Plot the mode profiles for the TE 0 and TE 1 modes in a slab waveguide with a core index n f = 1.5, n s = 1.49, and n c = 1. The film thickness is 10 µ m thick, and the guided wavelength is 1 µ m. 3. Given a symmetric waveguide with n
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Unformatted text preview: f = 1.5, n s = 1.47, l = 1.0 µ m, determine the fraction of power carried in the cladding if the guiding layer is 3 µ m thick. Hint: Calculate the integral of the Poynting vector to get power 4. Consider a fiber with core index 1.5, cladding index 1.495, and a core radius 5 µ m. a. How many modes exist for a wavelength of 1 µ m b. How many modes exist for a wavelength of 0.5 µ m? List each mode and its cutoff condition Hint: Read section 7 on page 89 of the book...
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