Measurements Instructions 2010

Measurements Instructions 2010 - A few details and...

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A few details and clarifications. .. You should schedule a minimum of 3 hours to measure your sample(s) for your final project. As mentioned in the demo, if you measure your first chip and all goes well, there's no need in measuring more samples. If you find that a chip has bad coupling/output/. .., switch over to another sample and try that one. You can (should) use the Dazzle video/image capture device to take snapshots of the microscope top views of your samples if you want (it's a good idea to add such pictures in your final report, especially if you find that, for example, one waveguide has a low output which is caused by a scattering - glowing - point somewhere along the waveguides). The Dazzle can be attached to the output of the monitor (OUT A in the back of the monitor) and you can take pictures like you did in the previous labs. When you are finished with your measurement, retract the fiber back into the fiber chuck so that it is protected from dust and damage. Do not pull the fiber itself - move the brass fiber holder. When you direct the output of your first waveguide onto the detector and you are reading
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Measurements Instructions 2010 - A few details and...

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