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ECE 437 Spring 2010 Project Statement Device Fabrication handled by Carl (cbp8) Final Report due in ECE 4370 Box by Monday May 10 at 4:00 pm Objective: To use the theory developed in class to design, simulate, fabricate, and measure a real optical structure in order to explore a physical characteristic or property of the device. Project Tasks - Overview: Design : Your team will choose a structure related to topics discussed in class. You will design several variations of the structure that will allow you to evaluate performance against some physical property. As an example, one could design couplers of different sizes to show power transfer and loss as functions of coupling length. Other devices that could be examined include splitters, filters, and bends. You will handle the design and simulation in your lab groups, the structures will then be fabricated for you, and you will test them following the instructions given to you on how to measure them. The devices will be fabricated in a silicon oxynitride / silicon dioxide system (SiON is the guiding material and Si0 2 is the cladding material), these layers will be deposited onto a silicon wafer and patterned. The wafer will then be cleaved or sawed into dies and will then be ready for testing. If you run into difficulties or would like consultation, Carl or Mian will be available for help. BPM Simulation : Using the beam propagation method, your team must simulate the anticipated device performance. The intent is to evaluate the structures themselves. You do not need to evaluate the mode as it travels through the displacement regions and bends required by CNF fabrication. You do need to make sure that your designs adhere to the requirements given below throughout the entire light path. For your simulations, the use of commercial software is not allowed. You must implement the code that Carl showed to you in class on April 07. Other theoretical calculations such as mode coupling theory should be used where applicable. CAD drawing : You will need to submit a CAD drawing of your chip following the requirements given below so that your devices can be fabricated. CAD’s emailed to Carl by Wednesday, April 14, at noon. Name your CAD file TEAMX where X is your team number. Please send the .tdb file. Along with the CAD in your email, please include a description of what you are studying
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Project_Spring 2010 - ECE 437 Spring 2010 Project Statement...

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