November 19 Religion

November 19 Religion - Religion Religion as a Social...

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Religion Religion as a Social Construction Much of religion (especially in its organized form) is a human creation How religion is viewed is also a construct Depending on which religion you are aligned with affects how you view other religions It also depends often on your cultural, social, and economic position in society Established Religions Ecclesiae- a professionally trained religious organization governed by a hierarchy of leaders, which claims as its members everyone in a society; takes over the society or government and makes everyone in that community to be part of that religion Taliban in Afghanistan, Ayatollah in Iran Denominations- a hierarchical religious organization in a society in which church and state are usually separate, led by a professionally trained clergy Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shinto, and Taoism More prevalent than Ecclesiae; in the past, it was the opposite THERE IS NOT A SINGLE SOCIETY IN WHICH RELIGION DOES NOT HAVE SOME SORT OF AN IMPACT Sects Small community of believers led by a lay ministry Often composed of people who have broken away from a denomination to form a new group Established sects- existed long enough to gain a large following and widespread
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November 19 Religion - Religion Religion as a Social...

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