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History of Globalization Final Exam

History of Globalization Final Exam - History of...

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History of Globalization Final Exam Harold Ickes- Petroleum administrator for war. Wanted aggressive steps to safeguard oil. Fifty-Fifty Deal- Deal Venezuela struck with the US oil companies about better concessions so they wouldn’t nationalize the oil industry there. Golden Gimmick- Subsidy US tax payers would pay to extract oil in Saudi Arabia Posted Price- The price of oil posted to the public. Often times at a much higher price than the what the oil companies were paying. Suez Crisis- Limited Britain’s oil control in Mid East. Arab take over and no ships allowed through. Ibn Saud- King of Saudi Arabia that dealt with US and UK about oil. 50-50 Split- The same deal Venezuela got from the oil companies now applied to Saudi Arabia and the oil companies discontent and the urging by the US government. Anglo-Iranianian Oil Company- Half owned by the British government and one of Britain’s largest assets. Mohammed Massadegh- Leader of Iran. Anti-British, and pro US. Later overthrown by the US. Great Leap Forward- Industrialization of China. NTB’s- Restrict imports, anti-dumping, and countervailing duties. Group of 77- Loose coalition of developing nations. Paul Volcker- American economist, chairman of Federal Reserve under Carter and Reagan. Crushed inflation during Reagan’s term. Maastricht Treaty- Treaty of European Union.
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