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INTB 3351 Audio Study Guide NPR, Interview with Michael Klare, “Oil and the New International Energy Order” 1. How is the “new” international energy order different from the “old” international energy order? With both the cost of and demand for oil rising, nations with large energy reserves are redrawing political and military alliances, and oil-rich countries like Russia and Venezuela are enjoying greater influence. US is no longer as the world’s unchallenged superpower. Michael Klare calls it the "new international energy order." China and India competing other power for energy resources . 2. What are the key nations and alliances in this new international energy order”? What sort of challenges do these nations and alliances pose to the dominant oil consuming nations? Older: Western countries: US, Europe, Japan dominate the world energy trade now subsidies by state owned company in oil producing countries Russia, Middle East, Venezuela, African. Their state owned company called National Oil Companies (NOCs) formed partnership among them. . Russia is leading Natural gas producer. This represent the real shape in the world balance power
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videostudyguide - INTB 3351 Audio Study Guide NPR,...

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