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Why is the rate of adult obesity in Dutan one of the highest in the world? Is it because Dutan citizens are slothful, unmotivated and gluttonous? Or is it because Dutan communities are not organized in a manner conducive to exercise and interaction? Perhaps the fact that it is cheaper to consume 1200 calories of cookies as opposed to 250 calories carrots is what harbors bad eating habits. Proper diet and exercise are the two main ingredients in a healthy lifestyle. We cannot hope to improve the overall health of the Dutan population without these elements. As it is, Dutan has no sidewalks, no walking trails or parks. We cannot expect Dutan citizens to exercise and participate in community recreation when we have failed to provide them with the means to do so. Our first priority in improving the health of Dutan is to transform the landscape into an environment that begs for sport and amusement. Altering the communities will improve overall health as well as make
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Unformatted text preview: Dutan more enticing for tourism. In addressing the issue of poor eating habits, consider a family on a budget of $50 grocery money for two weeks: as it is now in Dutan, such a budget would produce a cart full of hot dogs, cereal, and a full assortment of similar foods full of saturated fat, sugar and very little nutrition. A family with healthy aspirations would be able to purchase very little produce, dairy and meat and would ultimately go hungry a few days later. We cannot continue to allow the healthy goal to be the expensive one. By heavily taxing “fast food” and high fractious corn syrup we shift the demand curve to the healthy alternative and when demand is up, suppliers will respond and generate nutritious food at a lower cost. This is just a kind of summary of what I took away from the other night………. . see you later....
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