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WEEK 1 Click and Read “Teaching Globalization” by Muqtedar Khan Discipline-specific studies of globalization Define the economist’s view on globalization. Globalization is essentially the emergence of a global market Define the historian’s view on globalization it is an epoch dominated by global capitalism Define the political scientist’s view on globalization Globalization is the gradual erosion of state sovereignty Define the sociologist’s view on globalization Globalization at once underscores the celebration of diversity as well as the convergence of social preferences in matters of lifestyle and social values The three Ps What are the three Ps of globalization? Phenomenon, Philosophy, Process Click and Read Steven Smith’s Introduction Theories of World Politics Distinguish the difference between world politics and international politics. World politics include more players; both state and non-state everyone needs to have a relationship with all countries. Vietnam had good relationship with china, Russia and … but now have changed because of capitalism, now is world politics because they want to export goods to as many places as they can. International politics focus more on relationship between states Define realism Realism argues that main actors in international system are china, India, Russia and US. The way to understand state is to understand human nature. Human nature is selfish, sinful and not much change, bad people. Need to recognize that this is the deal. For realists, nation states are ran by humans, everyone wants a piece of the pie and are in for themselves. They want to maximize national interest. World is anarchy, no world government, everyone is competing for power; they want power to protect national interest and self. At the same time there are things to minimize war, to balance power ... to not have war or conflict. Balance of power, we know he is strong, so if he is strong we need more people to group up to protect themselves, so if there is a group of small people against one large guy, the large guy will change his attitude. LUST FOR POWER, diplomacy for balance of power. Nation states are the people that are regulating things and not corporation. Very primal sometimes, but still have a very powerful influence in world politics. If you define national interest the right way (narrow, limited way), protecting citizens and limits to do other things then there would be less wars. George W Bush had a view that makes national policy too personal. (Middle East) Define liberalism
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Liberalism Humans can change and become more perfect, through democracy humans can change. Liberalism can make progress possible. Democracy has a way for organized government to improve human nature; war is not national natural instinct. Through regime of people, the people (minimizes military power) countries will depend on each other based upon institutions, can create economic development. Ex: After World War 2, Japan was getting power. After World War II, Japan got power
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Midterm%20Review%20for%20summer%2009 - WEEK 1 Click and...

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