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Week 11 - Video Study Guide The Corporation , Part 5 (“Case Histories,” 22 minutes) This video clip is from the documentary, "The Corporation" (2004), which charts the historic rise of the corporation as a pervasive force in our lives. 1. Part 5 addresses the issue of “sweatshop” labor in low-wage countries. How do you weigh the arguments of Charles Kernaghan (National Labor Committee), who views these sweatshops as exploiting children in the developing world, with those of Michael Walker (Fraser Institute), who takes a more benign view of the market for low-
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Unformatted text preview: wage workers around the world? 2. Part 5 also examines the issue of environmental “externalities” in the conduct of business. Do you think the best way to reduce the environmental destruction and pollution would be to find a way to commodify environmental conditions, as the commodity trader suggests, or impose penalties for breaking environmental laws that exceed the cost of complying with them, so that firms will have an incentive to comply with them? Terms : National Labor Committee Kathy Lee Gifford...
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