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Date: March 30, 2010 3:04 PM Why has Wal-Mart become such a controversial corporation? How has it responded to criticism of its employment and business practices? Have the changes been substantial, or mainly superficial. Finally, is Wal-Mart a symbol of globalization? Why or why not. ** Remember to change the subject line to reflect the content of your posts. ** All of this has also led to something of a consumer backlash: Some people won't shop at Wal- Mart because they don't want to support a company that they perceive as unfair to workers or bad for the economy. As early as 2004, a confidential report prepared by consulting firm McKinsey found that 2% to 8% of the company's customers have stopped shopping there "because of negative press they have heard." Another document, prepared in October, 2006, by Wal-Mart's former advertising agency , found that the segment of Americans who say the chain is their No. 1 destination for discount shopping fell from 75% two years ago to 67%.
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Unformatted text preview: The ad agency suggests that besides competition, Wal-Mart's image could account for this drop-off. The report also says that Wal-Mart's rating as a company that consumers trust and respect has "steadily declined" in the last two years. This has all been difficult for a company with a long, proud history, dating back to the retailer's founding in Arkansas in 1962. Wal-Mart prides itself on having one of the strictest and most stringent ethics policies in the industry. Buyers are not allowed to accept even a cup of coffee from their suppliers. And its 1.3 million employees are encouraged to report any ethics violations that they might suspect or see. Wages, health care and unions, stagnation of stock price since 2—4 still at growth of building Real estate findings, fear of opposition Ability to grow outside esp ei Go green energy savings 23%...
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