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Online Quiz 1 - Online Quiz 1 Study Guide The first quiz...

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Online Quiz 1 Study Guide The first quiz will be available this Wednesday, 2/17, 7am to Friday, 2/19, 7am . You will find a "Quiz 1" icon in your Week 5 folder. Click on the icon and select "Begin Assessment." You have one chance and 35 minutes to complete it. Questions will be delivered one at a time . You must answer and save a question before you can move on to another . The quiz will consist of 5 matching and 10 multiple choice questions. The matching questions are worth 1 point each, and the multiple choice are worth 2 points each (25 points total). The matching is treated as one question, so you must answer all five matching questions before you hit “save.” REMEMBER TO SAVE EACH OF YOUR ANSWERS. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE (i.e. 6:59 am on Wednesday) TO SUBMIT THE QUIZ!!!!!!!!!! Avoid the risk of technical difficulties with your computer or Blackboard arising at the last minute. You may NOT make up the quiz after the deadline passes. If, in the extremely unlikely event, you have a documented emergency (i.e. multi-
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