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Page 3 There are currently 27 private hospitals and 968 general public hospitals in Canada. There is only one private hospital that specializes in the repair and treatment of gallbladders: The Medical Centre. A majority of the general hospitals have a specific department allocated to this disease. The Medical Centre is the only private hospital in the gallbladder sector. While general hospitals participate in the same treatment process as The Medical Centre, they do so without the personalized approach. The threat of new entrants into the gallbladder sector is limited due to the amendment of the 1972 Ontario government Private Hospital Act to prevent any future growth in the private hospital sector. Page 4 The Role of 3P Partnership Private The foundation of the Canadian health care system has been based on five principles of health insurance. These are to ensure accessibility; universality, portability, comprehensiveness and public administration in the public health care system. Traditionally, these principles have been achieved through the pub¬ lie means. However, in the face of government's ability to build or remove barriers to entry into the health care sector, private for-profit clinics are able to aid in the achievement of these health care principles. In 1931, the Government of Ontario enacted the Private Hospital Act. This legislation enabled private for- profit clinics to deliver health care services. At the time of its enactment, there were 100 private
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Medical centre - Page 3 There are currently 27 private...

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