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Instructions for the Technical Abstract Project 2, CHEM 111, Fall 2009 The final paper for project 2 will be due April 30, by 4:30p.m. The final paper is worth 80 points. For help beyond these instructions, please refer the instructions on how to write a technical abstract on page xvi. of your lab manual, the example abstract on pages xvii.-xviii., the instructions for the technical abstract for Experiment 2, and the comments made by your TA on your Experiment 2 abstract. Ignore the rubric on page xix.; a different one will be used to grade your report. (If anything in the lab manual conflicts with this set of instructions or anything your TA says, disregard the manual . ) General Guidelines and Formatting The technical abstract should be an original, typed document presenting what you did for project 2. Each student is responsible for submitting their own technical abstract. While you are welcome to work with your partner (or other labmates), please note that the wording of your individual abstracts must be unique to you. (Changing a few words in the body of somebody else’s abstract is not acceptable.) Your TA will hold strict to the page limit. Longer does not always mean better. Part of the goal of this abstract is to be thorough but concise . The final paper should be between 3 and 4 pages when finished (3 pages of text, 1 page of figures is a reasonable distribution). As you are writing the technical abstract, please keep the following points in mind. The technical abstract must be a typed document, 1.5 spaced. All text should be presented in paragraph format, not typed lists. Data should be presented in embedded tables or figures (embedded meaning in the body of the technical abstract, not stapled to the end). Figures and tables should also have a caption (as shown in the example on page xvii – this figure is embedded with a proper caption). Write everything in the past tense (remember, you DID the experiment) and in the third person passive voice as much as possible (“The solution was added dropwise” instead of “We added the solution dropwise”). If you do have to use a pronoun, try to remember that you did not do this experiment alone (
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abstract_instructions_Proj2 - Instructions for the...

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