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Anthropology 137 Review

Anthropology 137 Review - Anthropology 137 Midterm Review...

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Anthropology 137 Midterm Review Steady State Herman Daley says man as a species can exist only as a steady state system. Man must change energy mix to meet steady state system. So must make oil less important. We want to attain this, but we haven’t. Remedy for global over consumption. Energy Mix Using different kinds of energy, solar, nuclear, coal, oil, wind, hydro, etc. to make up the entire energy resources. Importance of diversity. Good to focus on renewable energies (solar, hydroelectric). Nuclear Renaissance Yay nuclear to replace carbon fuels and decrease pollution, global warming . Doesn’t advertise opposition. Funded by government. Too expensive and risky to attract necessary commercial investors. 19 percent of our electricity. Accused of being socialist. Lots of PR work, exploiting fear of global warming. How can you plan for human error? Externalities Incidental cost of business. Effects of an industry which are not accounted for or directly involved in the transaction. Prices do not reflect the full costs of these externalities in production or consumption. Native lands with cancer. Industry leaves, destroys livelihood of people there, public safety. The person or group receiving the externality takes on the whole price of the externality, and thus benefits the company. Difficulty of valuing life. Air and water pollution can be assigned a numeric value. Environmental Racism Sometimes people can only afford to live in certain areas, and those areas have oil/coal refineries in them, so then the people are forced to live in polluted areas despite the known dangers. Easy to take advantage of minority communities, third world companies. Navajo Indians and uranium. Animals deemed good for Indians to eat, but not for everyone else. Takes 10 years to begin cleanup of nuclear contamination on Indian land. Workers not informed of risks of nuclear radiation, rights after they became sick, how to access social service benefits. Nuclear Colonialism. Collapse Fall of a civilization. Inability to see long term consequences, because of our evolutionary environment contributes to civilization collapsing. Progress Trap An evolutionary track that initially makes improvements, but eventually leads to excess, decline, and fall. Must switch from short to long term thinking.
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Decoupling Ideas Taking apart ideas that are normally associated together, like more energy means better lifestyle People Problem The idea that technology is designed without the consideration that people make mistakes, no room for human error. Candles in nuclear power plants. Binary opposition, institutional constraints vs. freedom, credible vs. non credible, tangible vs. abstract, restrictive vs. global time perspective, specialist vs. general, voluntary vs. involuntary, progress vs. status quo. Beyond education.
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Anthropology 137 Review - Anthropology 137 Midterm Review...

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