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Ida Micaily ES130AC Week 6 Discussion Questions 10/19/08 1. From the Bosworth article, why do you think that California passed Prop. 36 (to treat rather than incarcerate first and second time drug offenders) but not Prop. 66 (“relaxation” of the three strikes law for those convicted of felonies)? And, do you think that Prop. 36, passed in 2000, has changed the prison industrial complex? 2. On page 495 of Bill Ong Hing’s book, he discusses poverty in Cambodian
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Unformatted text preview: communities and living the “refugee experience”. He then goes on to discuss how violence and poverty are connected, but does not use violence in a resisting sense. Do you think that Bill Ong Hing has adopted a culture of poverty thesis by saying that Cambodians are adopting “American (Latino and Black gang) ways”?...
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