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week 11 disc questions

week 11 disc questions - between the PEW and SCS results on...

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Ida Micaily ES130AC: Week 12 Reading Response 11/10/08 1. Roberto Gonzales’ article “Left Out but not Shut Out” brings hope to individuals, communities, and the nation-body for coalition building as he discusses the struggle for change in Latino 1.5 communities. However, Gonzales brings up the importance of the university setting for undocumented children in order to spark political interest. Although this paper is optimistic about social change, what about the undocumented communities who are invisible because children do not have access to financial aid to make it to universities and colleges? 2. In the UCLA Immigrant Report: “Are They Welcome? Understanding Public Opinion in Southern California”, Haselhoff and Ong discuss the differences
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Unformatted text preview: between the PEW and SCS results on the question of whether or not U.S. born children of illegal residents should be considered citizens (jus soli). Interestingly, the rest of the country seems to have a higher percentage of people who answered yes, willing to provide a path to citizenship. Also, Southern Californians seemed to believe, more so than the nation, that illegal immigrants take jobs away from “natives”. Due to the East Coast’s history with immigration, do you think that the East has a different racial/ethnic perspective on immigration than Southern California does? Do you think that impacts these polls?...
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