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Ida Micaily Week 11 Discussion Questions ES 130AC: Eric Pido 11/2/08 1. Do you believe that inter-minority conflict is only a fabricated issue as Morris suggests? If Prop. 187 were proved to falsely accuse African American of having animosity towards Latinos and thus voting for Prop. 187, would that change “inter-minority conflict”? Are coalitions possible across undocumented and documented bodies? 2. In the “Nanny Question” article, Tronto shows how because some women have moved up in the corporate ladder, a service sector has been created for domestic workers, mostly comprised of women from Mexico, Central, and Latin America.
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Unformatted text preview: In regards to the effects of Prop. 187, what does this say about the hierarchy of women in the United States if wealthy, presumably white, women are able hire help to take care of their children while policy has been passed to worsen the conditions for the worker’s family (ex. What about the domestic sector’s children and their access to healthcare, education, and other standards of living)? Does this connect to Angela Davis’ discussion of the diminution of the Black Family in regards to the impacts of slavery?...
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