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week 12 discussion questions

week 12 discussion questions - 2 Gilmore discusses the...

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Ida Micaily ES 130AC Ruthie Gilmore- Discussion Questions 11/17/08 1. Voter’s today claim that a main reason for Obama’s election was the need for economic stability. How does this relate to Keynesianism’s economic project and the “disorder” created from the Moyniham report to the Reagan administration (1950s-80s)? Does this disorder exist with a different face than the so-called African American welfare queen?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Gilmore discusses the on-going crises which inevitably forced struggle or change. Later, when discussing California, she talks about the public sector’s economic crisis which was resolved by privatization and political control. How does the transition of rural land and surplus labor control to space for prisons build up from her discussion of the public sector’s crises in California?...
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