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Amazon Evolution 1 Amazon Evolution Anne Sinclair, Lorraine Barnaby, Melissa Gammon University of Phoenix
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Amazon Evolution 2 The evolution of the internet is upon us; information, data, and knowledge now flow freely through space being transferred from one source to another, from business to business and businesses to consumers in lightening speed. The information, data, and knowledge must be reliable and accurate to be trusted and used by all sources. Success in this global business environment relies heavily on a company’s ability to process the information, data, and knowledge quickly, move it to where it can be most effective and provide a profit to the source. Leaders in e-Business and e-Commerce have begun to emerge with companies like Amazon, Google™ and Microsoft ® leading the way. To remain a leader; these companies will need to stay in touch with the latest technology while continuing to provide their services at a low cost to both the consumer and other business clients. Amazon is a leader as an online retailer, although part of its retail product has become digital rather than physical. Selling digital space and other services rather than purely physical merchandise is a huge step towards becoming a leading retailer. The digital age has changed the kind of merchandise that is valuable to businesses. Amazon still sells the physical merchandise to every day buyers, some of which is pre owned (, 2009). The core competency of being a leading online retailer is being met, but perhaps the definition of leading retailer should be redefined to include the digital services that are now being provided. Amazon faces a huge amount of competition and being the leading retailer might not be as attainable as they thought when they promised to revolutionize the industry. New options have opened from Google™ to Craigslist. EBay and Craigslist offer used products, sometimes within the same area as the buyer, which negates the need for shipping and waiting for a product. Amazon does offer one day shipping, but because shipping days are calculated by business days,
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Amazon Evolution - Amazon Evolution 1 Amazon Evolution Anne...

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