Car Makers Mobilize Over CO2 Curbs

Car Makers Mobilize Over CO2 Curbs - Car Makers Mobilize...

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Car Makers Mobilize Over CO2 Curbs Industry Aims to Shift Potential Economic Pain As Tougher Rules Loom By JEFFREY BALL April 9, 2007; Page A6 Auto makers are shifting into high gear to protect themselves under a federal global-warming cap they see around the corner. Cars and light trucks generate about one-fifth of U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide, the main global-warming gas, which is produced when fossil fuel is burned. With pressure for U.S. emission curbs intensifying, auto makers are mobilizing to try to shift the potential economic pain onto someone else. STREET FIGHT The Issue: Auto makers are moving to ensure that any effort to curb global-warming emissions is spread across the economy. The Details: Proposals being considered could affect different auto makers in different ways. The Pressure: Detroit's auto makers in particular face financial troubles and don't want to bear the brunt. Different auto makers could win or lose depending on the gritty details -- a fight that is likely to get particularly heated given some auto makers already are struggling. Under one scenario, U.S. auto makers General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group could face less of a burden than their Japanese rivals, even though the Big Three's overall fleets have lower fuel economy. And the entire auto industry could be affected differently than other heavy-emitting sectors of the economy. That fight is likely to intensify in the wake of last week's Supreme Court ruling that the federal government has the legal authority to limit global-warming emissions from cars and trucks. Auto makers long have operated under what amounts to a carbon-emission limit: a
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Car Makers Mobilize Over CO2 Curbs - Car Makers Mobilize...

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