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Nicolle Esparo English 102 10:30MT Essay #1 Wolff This Program Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only: Why Animation in America Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore In the summer of 1997 two new animated shows premiered on American television that shared a common theme; both of them were targeted exclusively for adults. The emergence of cartoons which explicitly stated that they were not suitable for children marked the point when this trend, which had been slowly gaining pace for years, finally convinced Standards and Practices offices in America that not only were these shows okay by American standards, they were highly profitable as well. This was already the case in many other countries, such as Japan, Germany and France, where animated shows and movies geared exclusively toward adults had existed for some time. All of this seems to point to a formerly held cultural presumption that animation was some kind of an indifferent medium which had less artistic value then it did entertainment value and could be confined to a single demographic group where its main function was getting a houseful of squealing kids to sit down and be quiet for four or five hours on a Saturday morning. Cartoons can obviously amount to a lot more than that, however for most of their existence they were continually stifled by cultural norms in America and people’s perceptions about animated series’ on TV. What kind of societal change might have initiated some of these shifts in perception? Before any network executives were going to change their opinions about the demographic range of animated shows, it would have to be shown that adults would watch cartoons. The first show to achieve this goal was The Flintstones , which from 1960 to 1966 was aired on primetime television. Many other Hanna-Barbera cartoons (such as The Jetsons and
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Johnny Quest ) followed later in primetime slots as well; all of these shows being marketed and designed to be watched by the entire family. Unfortunately, the trend soon died out and Hanna- Barbera eventually relegated all of its cartoons to Saturday mornings; specifically for children. All things considered,
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engl102ess1(2) - Nicolle Esparo English 102 10:30MT Essay...

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