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ESSAY 2- SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF RESEARCH PAPER/ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Now that you have received your research paper guidelines, it’s time to get to work on this large undertaking. Next week we will focus on the specific skills of paraphrasing and citing sources, as well as effective research strategies. However, your task beginning this week is to find a good topic and focus for your paper. Essay 2 will help you do that. Obviously, your first objective is to brainstorm/pre-write/plan what you feel will make a good topic. Any aspect of American popular culture (including comparisons between American popular culture and other cultures) can work. Look for ideas that interest you personally, surprise you, sound contradictory, or, perhaps, even irritate you about the daily world around you. Once you’ve found a topic you like, look for ways to narrow this topic into a more specific focus. Consider specific aspects of your topic you might focus on. You will be consulting several helpful links this week which will give you guidelines on
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