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Essay #1 Personal Analysis: Identity and Culture This will be our first out-of-class, graded essay, and it will be my first chance to evaluate your writing, so please put in your best effort to produce a solid paper. Your assignment for essay #1 is simple: analyze one major aspect of American popular culture and investigate how and why you think this subject is the way it is. “Analyze,” by definition, does not require you to make a value judgment. You need not argue that your choices are good or bad. Analysis simply demands that you explore an aspect of popular culture for a deeper meaning—looking for possible causes or origins or cultural values tied to your subject. Your paper should provide a possible, reasonable explanation to the question of how or why your subject is the way it is. The key to this essay is two-fold. First of all, realize that even though this is based purely on your personal opinion, your response must be sensibly supported by examples (personal or otherwise) and solid reasoning. Secondly, of course, you will be evaluated
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