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Micro HW Ch 7 and 8 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Utility: A. is synonymous with usefulness. B. is want-satisfying power. C. is easy to quantify. D. rarely varies from person to person. 2. Marginal utility can be: A. positive, but not negative. B. positive or negative, but not zero. C. positive, negative, or zero. D. decreasing, but not negative. 3. Mary says, "You would have to pay me $50 to attend that pro wrestling event." For Mary, the marginal utility of the event is: A. zero. B. positive, but declines rapidly. C. negative. D. positive, but less than the ticket price. 4. The law of diminishing marginal utility states that: A. total utility is maximized when consumers obtain the same amount of utility per unit of each product consumed. B. beyond some point additional units of a product will yield less and less extra satisfaction to a consumer. C. price must be lowered to induce firms to supply more of a product. D. it will take larger and larger amounts of resources beyond some point to produce successive units of a product.
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5. The first Pepsi yields Craig 18 units of utility and the second yields him an additional 12 units of utility. His total utility from three Pepsis is 38 units of utility. The marginal utility of the third Pepsi is: A. 26 units of utility. B. 6 units of utility. C. 8 units of utility. D. 38 units of utility. 6. Marginal utility is the: A. sensitivity of consumer purchases of a good to changes in the price of that good. B. change in total utility obtained by consuming one more unit of a good. C. change in total utility obtained by consuming another unit of a good divided by the change in the price of that good. D. total utility associated with the consumption of a certain number of units of a good divided by the number of units consumed. 7. Marginal utility:
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