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Allen Pinkerton English 102 10:30 Essay 1 Wolff Neo Punks: A Method behind the Madness In the World today, there are many different cliques of people who dress in various different ways, listen to a wide variety of music, and who share many different views, both politically and socially. Of these various attributes which make up a person’s character and personality there is one genre of man with not just an image, but he or she who has an agenda. This person, the neo punk, strives to make a difference in the community by purposefully living one’s life with self progression and conservationism, through the means of vegetarianism, socially active music, and getting involved in the community. When an average blue collar American thinks about vegetarianism, do they think of self progression and conservationism? I am probably going out on a limb here, but I am absolutely going to say, no. Many people get offended when you introduce a simple meat-free lifestyle to them that contradicts their very personal animal based nutritional therapy. This meat crazed phenomena has been force fed to the American consumerist, and has been skillfully and systematically indoctrinated into American culture as the norm. I have heard all sorts of absurd vocal innuendos such as, “you are going to lose muscle mass!”, “what’s wrong with meat?!” And the ever popular “you will not get enough protein!” Unfortunately, these misguided phrases are a product of a very misled society, which has been willfully led down to the guillotine. This pied piper of monetary 1
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Neo Punks - 1 Allen Pinkerton English 102 10:30 Essay 1...

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