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RESEARCH PAPER GUIDELINES - Typed, double-spaced, 10-15 pages long, not counting the works cited page. - Follows all MLA guidelines for a parenthetical-reference paper. - Must have analytical or persuasive thesis—no mere information summaries. - Should intelligently and specifically analyze one aspect of popular culture - Project may involve either historical or current issue—or a historical overview leading up to present - Paper must cite at least 6 sources, of which 1 source must be a book and 2 sources must be serious periodicals (any exceptions must be cleared with me). - Paper may be done as part of a group (three people maximum).
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Unformatted text preview: However, please note different requirements for group paper: 12 pages minimum length. 8 sources minimum. TENTATIVE ASSIGNMENT DUE DATES 1) Hypothesis/Research Question – homework grade. Due: Tuesday, July 13th. 2) Annotated Bibliography (typed) – double homework Grade. (done as part of essay 2). Due: Tuesday, July 20th. 3) Rough Draft (turned in to me) – (typed) – 10% of Final Grade Due: Tuesday, July 27 th . 4) FINAL DRAFT (typed/works cited) – 30% of FINAL GRADE. (If group project, one page assessment of all members’ contribution to project also required.) ***DUE: Tuesday, August 10th.***...
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