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Syllabus - 1 UWP 101 Advanced Composition Summer Session 2...

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1 UWP 101, Advanced Composition Summer Session 2, 2010 Syllabus Dr. Madhura Bandyopadhyay CRN 79929, 79930 Sec 24, 25 Olson 1 TWR 12:10-1:50, 2:10-3:50 [email protected] Office 392 Voorhies Office Hours: T & W 4pm to 5pm and R 11am to 12 noon Course Objectives: This course is designed to improve your analytical skills in reading and writing to help you develop a clear and effective prose style which can be applied to a variety of writing situations. By reading a series of related but separate texts, you will develop an understanding of the rhetorical context of writing and research methods. Through critical reading strategies, you will write about these texts and improve your familiarity with methods of reflection, critique, analysis, argument and research. You will also adapt these academic writing skills to your own rhetorical context. Planning, drafting, organizing, editing and revising writing will be an integral part of this process of developing clarity and style. Course Design: You will read and discuss essays and articles posted on SmartSite loosely centered around powerful critiques of our educational system discovering ways in which we are taught the unspoken assumptions behind our education. Through short papers related to these readings, you will compose two longer papers in which you will have the opportunity to relate these texts to one another and also to relate the ideas and issues in these sequences of readings to your own rhetorical contexts. Throughout the course, you will also polish your understanding of style, grammar and mechanics. Required Texts: All readings will be on SmartSite Diana Hacker, Pocket Style Manual or another handbook (one handbook is required). If you use the OWL at Purdue (online manual) you must learn to use it effectively. Course Prerequisites: Students should have completed UWP 1 or ENL 3 or the equivalent and have upper division standing. They should be familiar with the general principles of good writing, including organization, development, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. Students must have met the Entry Level Writing Requirement (formerly called the Subject A requirement) before taking any UWP class. Students should have completed the lower-division writing requirement
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2 and 84 units (College of Letters & Science) or 70 units (Engineering) before enrolling in UWP 101, 102A-K, or 104A-I. Please refer to the General Catalog for more information. Enrolment : Enrolment in UWP courses cannot exceed 25. Students who are registered and present on the first day of class have priority. Registered students who are not present for any part of the first day of class who have not made prior arrangement lose their place to waitlisted students who are present. Waitlisted students will be automatically added by SISWEB as registered students drop.
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