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Kinetics Flowchart - • Activation Energy • Orientation...

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Order Diff. Integrated Half-life Plot Slope 0 k [A] = -kt + [A] o t = [A] o / 2k [A] -k 1 k[A] ln[A] = -kt + ln[A] o or [A] = [A] o e -kt t = 0.693/k ln[A] -k 2 k[A] 2 [A] -1 = -kt + [A] o -1 t = 1 / k[A] o [A] -1 k Chapter 15 - Kinetics Terminology, Concepts Reaction order Rate definition Rate constant Catalysis Enzymes Find reaction rate & related quantities Rate = (1/n) (dc/dt) Rate = k [A] m [B] n Experimental trials given Ratio of trials to find order Use one trial to find k Kinetics Theory Collision Frequency
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Unformatted text preview: • Activation Energy • Orientation • Transition State Theory • Reaction Profile k = Ae-Ea/RT Reaction Mechanisms RDS 1 st Write rate for slow reaction RDS 2 nd • Write rate for slow reaction • Write fwd and rev rates for fast reaction • Use fast rxn to remove intermediates from slow rxn Other: PSSH • Write rate for slow reaction • For intermediate, rate of appearance = disappearance • Use above to remove intermediates from slow rxn...
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