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Stability Table - radioactive elements that are known to...

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Periodic table colored according to the half-life of their most stable isotope . (1) stable elements. (2) radioactive elements with isotopes with very long decay half-times. Their half-live of over a million years gives them very small, if not negligible radioactivities and thus may be handled without any precautions. (3) radioactive elements that may present low health hazards. Their half-time of over 500 years allows them to have commercial applications due to the fact that their radiation levels are near the background one .
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Unformatted text preview: radioactive elements that are known to pose high safety risks. Their half-life of over a day and their radioactivity levels make them have little potential for any commercial use. (5) highly radioactive elements. Because of their half-time as low as a couple of minutes, they pose severe health risks and is unlikely that they will receive any use outside basic research. (6) extremely radioactive elements. Very little is known about these elements, and will likely never receive any attention outside research laboratories....
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