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Midterm 2 Qs - process vs state of being Meiosis What is...

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Define the following terms - Linkage vs. recombination vs. crossing over - Polygenic - Pleiotropy vs. epistasis - Recombination vs. segregation vs. independent assortment vs. fertilization - Sympatry - Allopatry Recombination vs. crossing over Assumptions of Hardy-Weinberg Adaptation Why do we use H-W? How can “anticipatory” behaviors evolve? Graphs of frequency dependent selection and heterosis Adaptation 
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Unformatted text preview: process vs. state of being Meiosis What is ecological character displacement and explain how it can result in low niche overlap between similar competing species? Functional response Give two examples of a predator keeping its prey population below its carrying capacity. Describe how you know that the prey is below its carrying capacity in each instance?...
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