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Post-lab #3 Qs - affect birth rate? Briefly explain.-This...

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Gabi Drusinsky, 994727868 TA: Gina Alvino Post-lab #3 1) If a hurricane seriously damages a population of lizards on an island in the Caribbean, is this likely  to be a density-dependent process? Briefly explain. - Hurricanes and other natural disasters usually do not depend on density of a population, because  they occur no matter what the population size is. Predation, on the other hand, increases with  density of the prey population, and is considered to be density-dependent. 2) Imagine a disease that kills 50% of the male roaches in a population. Do you think this would 
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Unformatted text preview: affect birth rate? Briefly explain.-This would most likely not affect birth rate, because only one male is needed to reproduce with many females. If reproduction rate did not decrease (which is would most likely not) 3) If a disease instead killed 50% of females, would it likely affect birth rate? Briefly explain.-This would in all probability affect the birth rate, since females are very much needed for reproduction, and if the reproduction rate declines, the birth rate will decline as well....
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