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Assignment #4 - Gabi Drusinsky Assignment#4 La Gran Noche...

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Unformatted text preview: Gabi Drusinsky 02/11/10 Assignment #4 La Gran Noche del Folklore – set list I will address each of the four songs I have been assigned to individually. I have decided to allow Rin del angelito . The singer is a man by the name of Sebastián Piñera, who at first wanted to play the charango until I warned him otherwise. The lyrics seem to be straight-forward, and although the original was by Parra, Piñera’s version sounds different enough to pass. The rest of the songs I have prohibited, for the following reasons. Gracias a la vida : Also by Parra, however these lyrics are obviously filled with hidden jabs at our government. Along with the lyrics, the group also uses several frowned upon instruments. All I needed to do to take care of that was remind them of a little something called the Caravan of Death, and then they all agreed that change was needed...
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