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Assignment 6, MUS129D, W10 Professor Graham Write short answers (3–5 sentences) to the questions below, based on your reading assignment (Reader pp. 71–82, article by Chris Scales). Explain your statements, and consider each answer thoroughly. (Although you might find an answer to one question on one page of the article, for example, an additional answer may present itself a few pages later.) Please do not use any other outside sources. 1. Are all powwows the same? Explain.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What circumstances led to the development of mega-powwows? 3. List some of the advantages and disadvantages of competition powwows. 4. List the six standard competition dance styles, indicating gender of participants. 5. List the differences between traditional and competition powwows. 6. Look at the criteria for judging drums at competition powwows (pp. 7881). What do these criteria tell you about Native American values more generally?...
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