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Unformatted text preview: I. Paragraph 2 African music legacy, mixed w/ Euro cultural influences a. Musical essence of reggae is ridim i. Turns the tables on white culture 1. Stresses 2 and 4 ii. Chant Down Babylon iii. Get up, Stand up iv. Both songs have a ridim (groove) thats not like the usual white groove 1. Uses this to make a name for themselves 2. Not controlled by white authority 3. get up and dance instead of being subjected by slavery Get up Stand up 4. Their wicked intention to destroy the human race Chant Down Babylon b. Calypso i. Ancient Rhythms (even though dance-like = soca, could still be a calypso) 1. There are many differences between calypso and reggae, but they most certainly share one aspect in common: they are both musics of the people. This can be viewed through the ways in which they communicate, their common: they are both musics of the people....
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